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Pellets for Litter


We present straw pellets for litter made in Lithuania. Pellets are made only from dry high quality straw. We do not use any chemicals or supplements in our production.

Pellets for Fuel


Our straw pellets are great to be used as fuel for domestic boilers and industrial stokeholds. The usage of straw pellets as an alternative to some other types of fuel is promoted by the ES committee.

Why Is It Worth to be Used...


Straw pellets is a natural product that decays well. Wasted litter can be used as a fertilizer after two to three months. It can also be used in biogas stations.

Characteristics of Pellets for Litter

•    Do not cause dust.
•    Absorb the smell of ammonia which provides animals with clearer air in the barn.
•    Absorb up to 400% more liquid that they weigh, therefore, your horses will stand or lay on a dry surface.

Characteristics of Pellets for Fuel

Straw is an energy source that renews every year. That is why it becomes more attractive to customers, knowing the benefits of processing straw into pellets and using them as fuel.


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