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Pellets for Litter

•    Don’t cause dust.
•    Absorb the smell of ammonia, which provides fresher air in the barn.
•    Absorb up to 400% more liquid than they weigh, therefore, your horses will stand or lay on a dry surface.
•    Straw pellets are heat-treated. The temperature used to make them reaches up to 95 Celsius, therefore, the amount of harmful
bacteria and microorganisms decreases.
•    Straw pellets are a natural product that decays well. Wasted litter can be used as a fertilizer after two to three months. It
can also be used in biogas stations.
•    Straw pellets are easy to store and transport and they take up less space than natural straw.
•    They are friable, not prone to settling, monolithic, and don’t self-heat.


MG Strohpellets
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